In the new morning, it becomes clear why the girls bought a picnic basket. Because it goes with a PICNIC BOOT on the water, where the delicacies and a beautiful sunrise can be enjoyed. Well strengthened the V-GUIDES go to the RONEKLINT BEACH between RONEKLINT and MADERNE. When SNORKELING, the friends discover SAND REEFS, ROCKS, and get to know small FISH AND EALS.

Then they continue to another little pearl, the STRANDHOLM, and the almost endless VEMMETOFTE BEACH. At HOTEL FREDERIKSMINDE (NYSØ), whose cuisine has been awarded a Michelin star, the girls are having a fairytale break. Then, the journey continues to VESTER EGESBORG, where the nature reserve DYBSØ FJORD STEJLEBANKE awaits the explorers. In SVINØ, they discover the underwater world again while snorkeling at SVINØ BEACH.

Along the DYBSØ FJORD it goes to ENØ. At the new street food market at Stejlepladsen, the travelers talk to local traders. The friends continue their discovery to KARREBÆKSMINDE via the iconic green GRÆSHOPPEBROEN. So, they come across Karrebæksminde’s first and oldest building, the beautiful and very interesting FISKERI – OG BYMUSEUM. In the small FISKERLEJET-KARREBÆKSMINDE on the CANAL, not far from the ENØ BEACH, the girls will find good RESTAURANTS and especially the ENØ BAGERI & IS.

Here, excellent, homemade ice cream awaits those with a sweet tooth. After that, the girls stroll through the pretty town. This is how they discover the multiple award-winning organic winery VESTERHAVE VINGAARD. Walking through the vineyards along the grape-hung vines and vine arbors, the girls learn how the wines are made and their quality maintained by the mild winds and warm coastal climate near the Småland Sea.

On the double island ENØ OVERDREV, the V-GUIDES explore the two moraine deposits that are connected by air resistance.

The explorers reach a special location, GAVNØ. Here the lady of the castle, Mrs. HELLE REEDTZ-THOTT, personally shows the girls the rococo castle GAVNØ SLOT. Mrs. Reedtz-Thott tells the guests exciting stories about the history of the house, which goes back to the year 1205. The girls visit the romantic CASTLE PARK, the CHURCH, and the only CASTLE BREWERY in Denmark. In the CASTLE CHAPEL, the art lovers admire the most colorful church interior and the LARGEST PRIVATE PAINTING COLLECTION in Scandinavia.

It includes around 1.000 paintings, some of which were created before the discovery of America. The more than 3.000 dolls in the DOLL EXHIBITION in the idyllic half-timbered house are not quite as old. The girls feel like princesses from a fairy tale book by H.C. Andersen, when they walk through DE 6 SANSERS HAVE (the 6 senses garden). This impression is reinforced by the COZY BUTTERFLY LAND with many different butterflies in the park. On the other hand, they feel like Lara Croft in the HIGH ROPE PARK GO FLY.


After this fairytale trip, the group heads to the coast to the secluded STRANDGÅRD BEACH by KLINTEBY and the little pearl, BJØRNEBÆK STRAND in SANDVED.

From the castle, the team heads north towards NÆSTVED (NAESTVED). Here, the V-GUIDES take a leisurely BOAT TRIP ON THE FRIHEDEN. This is also how they discover the water area YDERNÆS BEI NÆSTVED. Just as comfortable as on the boat chilling out on the quiet VESTERHAVE BEACH.

It doesn’t get so quiet in NAESTVED CITY. But the fashionistas will find very good shopping opportunities here, such as in the NÆSTVED STORCENTER. Maybe they are lucky and can buy fresh treats at the market (Wednesday, Saturday). They admire the FACADE PICTURES created by international artists. While one group wants to test their superpowers again in the KLATRECENTRALEN / CLIMBING CENTER, the other group is headed to the NAESTVED AUTOMOBILE MUSEUM.


The girls enjoy the JAZZ played by artists in the streets and RØNNEBÆKSHOLM on the outskirts of Næstved. In the Art and Culture Center, you can visit some of the art exhibitions and a concert or theater performance. This is how the second day on Sjælland ends.

Only five minutes walk from AXELTORV, NÆSTVED CENTER, is the beautiful RÅDMANDSHAVEN forest and the calm waters of the RIVER SUSÅ, which is one of the most beautiful in the country. The girls, therefore, start a CANOE EXCURSION from HOLSTED, which takes them along many sights such as BOARDING SCHOOL HERLUFSHOLM. The friends learn that this former forest monastery was created in 1565 by Birgitte Gøye and Herluf Trolle as a school for “the children of noble and honest men.” And members of the royal family still study here to this day.

From the water, in HOLMEGAARD it goes to the HOLMEGAARD VÆRK. Here, the girls explore a world of glass, history, art, and design. They also learn more about PABLO PICASSO, whose work as a craftsman and ceramist is the focus here.

Then it’s off to RØNNEDE to CAMP ADVENTURE. A treasure that is no longer so secret awaits the V-GUIDES here. In the middle of the forest, they find the 45-meter-high lookout tower SKOVTÅRNET, which has become a symbol of Denmark thanks to its distinctive architecture. Despite its 45 meters, due to its location, the tower is the highest point on the island of Zealand. After the girls have enjoyed the mountain air and view, they go to Denmark’s largest CLIMBING PARK next door, where the girls can also try out the country’s LONGEST ZIP-SLIDE and some of the 35 PARCOURS.

Exhausted, it goes to a city that is known far beyond Denmark, because beer has been brewed here for over 120 years, which is not only very popular throughout Europe, FAXE.

Of course, the V-GUIDES are immediately drawn to the FAXE BRYGGERI, but not just because of the delicious beer. The brewery attaches great importance to preserving Danish history, which it puts on supermarket shelves within reach of all. Because of the Collector’s Items, i.e. the beverage cans, present images from the time of the Vikings. Everyone can then delve deeper into the respective stories on the brewery’s website. But of course, the Faxe team also shows the pretty girls more about the production of the golden liquid and lets them test the different varieties.

The time of the Vikings is about 1.000 years ago, a blink of an eye in world history. Because in the GEOMUSEUM FAXE, it goes back 65 million years to a time when a sea covered most of Northern Europe and Denmark. In this way, the V-GUIDES learn that basking sharks, squid, and crocodiles lived near Faxe. In the Geomuseum they discover the fossils of these animals and in the FAXE KALKBRUD (LIME QUARTER) the girls go on a FOSSIL HUNT themselves.

Because here they are at the bottom of a 63-million-year-old ocean, from whose earlier sea creatures the limestone, which plays a major role in Denmark, finally formed over millions of years. Of course, the girls also use the special light, the azure water, and the desert-like landscape for an eye-catching photo shoot.

On a ride with the beautiful ICELANDIC HORSES from GULDHEST, the adventurers get to know even more about the area. The tour goes via the somewhat hidden FAXEHUS BEACH, which is only accessible through the forest, back to the coast, and to the so-called COASTAL FOREST SIBERIA. The adventurers enjoy the weather at FAXE LADEPLADS BEACH, where they also visit the MARINA. At FEDDET BEACH they go to KITESURFING.

This is followed by sumptuous dining at the cozy STRAND CAFÉ AT FEDDET BEACH RESORT before the girls spend the night at STRANDHUSET AMALIE (BEACH HOUSE) with direct access to the private beach. In the Wildmarksbad they enjoy a swim under the starry sky.


STRANDHUSET CAROLINE (BEACH HOUSE) – for 8 people, Access to Beach,