I’m Ines from beautiful France, and I’m a Gen Z V-GUIDE. For me, this term has consistently positive connotations. It stands for open-mindedness, curiosity, profundity, and the drive to make the world a better place.

I have also satisfied my thirst for knowledge through my studies in Management of Information Systems and Marketing Management. Even if these studies promise me a secure professional future, I still strive for more. I want to leave a footprint on this world.

So, I try to take my part to ensure that the next generations can experience our world’s beauty as I do.


I am a V-GUIDE because I am very open to new adventures and new people and cultures. I really love to explore the world and think that we don’t need to be afraid of the influences of other cultures and ways of life. Rather, we should look forward to broadening our horizons together and making our world a place where all people, regardless of their origin, can lead dignified and beautiful life.


I am a typical french woman. So, of course, I really love fashion and accessories. Since I’ve already had a lot of experience as a model, I’ve given up trying to stick to a fixed style. I love to slip into different roles depending on my mood and the occasion. I love to draw attention in a sexy designer dress in the evening. But I also love it to stroll through the streets in a simple casual look. Of course, I admire beautiful lingerie, which, typically French, can also be a little sexier.

When it comes to my character, I am very dynamic, spontaneous, and friendly. I love it easygoing because everyday life is stressful enough. That’s why I’m more likely to smile when it gets stressful than let it affect me negatively.


My job doesn’t leave me much time for a normal everyday life. Of course, I always try to maintain my friendships and a healthy life-work balance. However, since my studies and my tasks in front of and behind the camera are very important to me, my focus is on developing my personality and career.

Of course, in my less leisure time, I love to listen to good music and to go dancing. In general, I love to be in motion all the time. I am a very active person, and there is no boring day in my life. If I would haven’t anything to do one day, I am sure, I would look for new tasks after some lazy moments.


Since I love the whole world, I don’t have a special one dream place. I would like to get to know many more countries and cities and immerse myself in real life there.

That’s what I love about Paris too. Here you constantly meet new people and can always discover completely new places in the city. I love the liveliness of Paris, its architecture, people, and the many facets that the town has to offer. Sometimes, I also miss the city on my travels.


Honestly, my list of values is very long. Too long to list all the values that are or should be important not only for me but for all of us.
However, one of the most important values for me is honesty. Even if it can be painful at times, honest dealings with one another are also shaped by another value, respect.

In addition, loyalty is essential for me. Since I am an altruist, I love to share things. I think sharing can be something of a cure for all of us. It doesn’t matter whether it is knowledge and experience, a smile, feelings, or other things. Giving is better than just taking. That’s why I always try to do my best, no matter what the situation.


In addition to fashion and traveling, I have a unique passion. Of course, it is also based on my studies. I am fascinated by technology. Technology enables us a better life. Moreover, it connects the world. So, technology ensures us to keep in touch with friends all over the world without cost. Even if technological progress is part of the problem, it is also the basis for getting the challenges of our time, such as climate change and environmental pollution, under control as quickly as possible.



  • Height – 171 cm / 5″7
  • Bust – 84 cm / 33
  • Waist – 64 cm / 25
  • Hips – 94 cm / 37
  • Size – 36
  • Jeans – 27/32
  • Shoes – 40
  • Eyes – Blue
  • Hair – Blond
  • Cup – 85 B


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