I am Nina and I am from Vienna, Austria. I have my own company and am now self-employed for two years in the field of content production and creative concepts.


I would describe myself as a very open-minded and authentic person. Because of that and many more values I have in my life I share a lot of my values with the OWD. Helping and serving people is one of the values I have, and I want to pursue that much more in the future. Also getting to know our beautiful world and the cultures and people in it is a big dream of mine.



I am a very positive and down-to-earth person. I love adventures, but I also value my time with myself. The right balance of everything is the key for me. I love to be in nature and especially at the sea. It sort of nourishes my soul. I love to read and also, I love to write. Journaling or also sometimes I write poems about how I feel.

Traveling is and always has been a very big part of my life. I love how meeting different people and cultures opens my mind and makes me happy in a way nothing compares. Some adrenalin kicks shouldn’t miss in my life occasionally. I am usually very open to trying out a lot and overcoming my fears.

My mother language is German, but I also speak fluently English, and I try to learn French.


For me, it is very hard to pick only one. I have been traveling a lot, but still haven’t seen so much of this world. I think one of my favorite places I’ve been so far has been Zanzibar. It was my first solo travel and I learned so much about myself and different cultures and people.

I always wanted to give back to people in a way and after being in Zanzibar I set a goal to one day build a school for the kids there. I have never been there but on the top of my list would be Antarctica. Most people ask me why?

But I think this must be one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on this planet. And of course, very mainstream but I would love to see the Maldives and Hawaii one day too. I just love islands and the whole island’s vibe and life.


One of my biggest passions is the world and creating beautiful and inspiring content in it. I love the idea of having so many stories to tell when I am old. And for that traveling is one of my biggest passions too.

I started modeling when I was 16 and I started to go in the direction of acting about a year ago. And last but not least, a very big part of my life is my belief in God. With OWD I can live my dream and walk in the path that was made for me.


Authenticity and honesty are one of the biggest values in my life. Also, I always knew I am not going to live a very normal life and that I am here to create something bigger than myself. Open and honest communication is a must for me. I am constantly working and improving myself.

I also know how to talk to people and help them see their own beauty. I am a very positive-minded person and I always try to focus on the future instead of the past.


I think on top of that list for me would be Selena Gomez. She is a big inspiration with her values and how she lives her life. I’ve been watching her since I was a child. I also would love to meet Zendaya and Margot Robbie.

These two women are the perfect example of beautiful, humble, and hardworking women, which is so inspiring, and I also think I would have so much fun with them.

Last, I would also love to meet Shawn Mendes. He is such a talented young man and I love how he handles life.


  • Height – 171 cm
  • Bust – 83 cm
  • Waist – 63 cm
  • Hips – 85 cm
  • Size – 34
  • Jeans – 24/34
  • Shoes – 39
  • Eyes – Blue
  • Hair – Brown
  • Cup – 75 A


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