Despite massive, dynamic content, we remain true to the motto SIT BACK. Even if it gets a lot at times, the particular topics are presented without any rush. Tranquility and calmness are communicated just as authentically as action, fun, and joy. Whenever it’s necessary to make the pictures appear longer or simply let conversations flow, this is done with Uncut versions, which are exclusively presented as EXTRAS.



From day 1 of production, DIARYS and STORIES  are presented daily on a CROSS-MEDIA level (about 15 int. platforms incl. podcasts).


Extensive MAGAZINE REPORTS, and EXTRAS like BEHIND-THE-SCENES, UNCUT-VERSIONS (interviews, events, etc.), MAKING OF, SWEEPSTAKES, etc. are published weekly.


The film episodes are released weekly/fortnightly*.

*Depending on the agreements/budget.


Depending on the agreement and options, the production team consists:

V-GUIDES: 2 – 6*



*Temporary cooperations with locals are possible.


Despite entertaining, creative storytelling, which is developed around the V-GUIDES and their journey of discovery, the topic of authenticity is the absolute focus. Almost everything is presented in a genuine and understandable way.


The V-GUIDES are unique. They look like models or influencers. Indeed, they are social media personalities and are used to using the many popular Internet platforms. But they are also deep, socially committed, interested in all topics of the ONE WORLD DISCOVERY, courageous, well-educated, and authentic.

Due to their individuality, their different passions and strengths, as well as their special personalities, each V-GUIDE addresses its own generation-independent target group, from science to entertainment, adventure, culture, food, sports, lifestyle, e-sports, and much more. While the younger ones think “That could be my big sister,” the main target group (18-40) wishes “That should be my girlfriend,” while the older generation can imagine having one of the V-GUIDES as a daughter or granddaughter. Therefore, the V-GUIDES and the OWD cannot be pigeonholed. They dissolve conventional categories regarding the origin, age, or gender of the target group.


As often as possible, the team splits into groups to follow the route dynamically rather than linearly. In this way, two to three thematic strands/storylines can be presented at the same time to increase the excitement.


However, in order to keep the entertainment value high and to show as many interesting locations and exciting topics as possible, times and distances are shown in shortened form. Destinations or actions are shown within one day that can only be experienced on two or more days. Topics such as birdwatching, which is usually only possible in the morning or late in the evening, can be included at alternative times that make sense for the course of the storytelling, but do not correspond to real conditions. There will be corresponding notes/notes in the reports or as overlays!


The same applies to events. Since the OWD is produced non-linearly, events can be filmed in advance and added later via

  • previews or flashbacks (within the storytelling), or frame/side stories
  • exclusive report (Extra),
  • re-cuts,
  • 3rd-party footage,
  • or involved in the storytelling, even if the timing is not authentic but the story allows it and makes sense.


The V-GUIDES cross the country on foot, bikes, boats, and in motor homes, which are very often left behind. The girls often use public transportation. A journey of discovery on horseback, in a horse-drawn carriage, or in alternative means of transport is also possible temporarily.


Insights are presented regularly, i.e. GUIDES, GOOD-TO-KNOW, TUTORIALS, etc. This includes, among others, local behavior rules, traditions, holidays, customs, culinary advice, local names, labels, designations or salutations (to avoid mishaps).


Even if we already know your country, we are strangers. And as such, we can only prepare the documentation from research and discussions. In order to present the values of your country in an authentic way, it is important for us to involve you in the pre-production and scripting process, following your ideas, wishes, and suggestions. In addition, many locals are given a voice during production to preserve authenticity. Therefore, the following aspects are essential:

  • We will “drift” to discover the hidden gems that only locals know about!
  • We will involve locals (even if they are from other countries) everywhere – primarily but not exclusively of the age of the target group – to give them a voice and to give the film authenticity and emotion. For example, the V-GUIDES will visit universities, dance and theater schools (and others), workshops, sports venues, and much more. They talk with artists and celebrities as well as museum staff, firefighters, nurses… people from everyday life and next door.
  • We will develop appropriate storytelling and frame/side stories* for all stations.
  • Partners, like hotels that are visited in storytelling during the day, get exclusive reports, including overnight stay features and all services!
  • We will not present museums or similar topics in line, but always insert exciting cutscenes or publish very similar topics as exclusive stories.
  • We will produce edutaining side stories in many facilities, in which the V-GUIDES, just for example, slip into the roles of historical or famous people, farmers, fishers, or sailors, to name just a few. In doing so, we reach a broad target group in order to introduce the topics further in a clear and entertaining way through short stories.