After a detour to HOU BEACH in ODDER and the RUDE BEACH – where they also find the hidden BURIAL MOUND dating from 3,500 BC. – the V-GUIDES make a stop at HOU MARINA (LYSTBÅDEHAVN).

Here, those with a sweet tooth feast on cool delicacies at MOSTERS ICE CREAM PARLOUR (ISHUS). Then they take a WORLD’S TINIEST CRUISE in one of the speedy RIB boats. After some fun at SAKSILD BEACH and an ODDER TREASURE HUNT (ODDER MUSEUM), the V-GUIDES buy one of the delicious bread at GROFT.

At EVA KERAMIK they admire the beautiful craftsmanship before the adventure travelers then travel along the RIVER to Denmark’s second-largest city, AARHUS.

Here, the V-GUIDES are drawn to MOESGÅRD because the local building from 1778 is part of Aarhus University and a place of study for archaeologists and ethnographers. The perfect knowledgeable friends to authentically explore Aarhus’ past, present, and future.

Together they go to the SKOVMØLLEN restaurant, where plans for the next few days are made over an excellent local brunch.

Well-fortified for this day and the coming week, the friends go together to MOESGAARD MUSEUM. Here they travel back to the BRONZE AGE. The exhibition OUT OF CHAOS broadens the horizons of the group about the Rus Vikings. They also learn more about the FIRST IMMIGRANTS. Even after centuries, the Vikings are still revered. But in the exhibition, THE LIVES OF THE DEAD, the V-GUIDES and their friends experience how people in all parts of the world commemorate and honor the dead.

Then, they splash and chill at MOESGÅRD BEACH and BALLEHAGE BEACH before heading along AJSTRUP BEACH to NORSMINDE HARBOUR. Here, life in the area can be traced as far back as the older Stone Age 6600 B.C. Besides, there may have lived Vikings here around the year 1000 A.C. Fascinated, the team then explores the MOESGÅRD FOREST and the GIBER STREAM.

Adventures await nearby at the VILHELMSBORG FOREST and at the riding area, THE NATIONAL EQUESTRIAN CENTRE VILHELMSBORG. Maybe the V-GUIDES can have a little race with the jockeys here.

It goes east again to the BEACH FOREST, which again invites the girls to splash around. Walking through MARSELISBORG SKOVENE (the Marselisborg Forests), the group marvels at how green everything is here and hopes to spot some of the pretty animals at DEER PARK. Of course, just for fun, they look in vain for the end of the UENDELIGE BRO (THE INFINITE BRIDGE).

As much as the Danes love life, they also love the mother of the nation, the Queen. Of course, the V-GUIDES want to see the popular royal family, who spend their summer holidays here, or at least experience some of the royal flairs. Therefore, it goes to the MARSELISBORG PALACE. At noon they marvel at the CHANGING OF THE GUARD BY THE LIFEGUARD, the MARSELISBORG MEMORIAL PARK, and the green oasis behind the palace, FORSTBOTANISK HAVE. A walk through the MARSELISBORG YACHT HARBOUR is also on the program. In the BÅDCAFE – BOAT CAFE the group then drinks a cold beer.

The local students informed their other friends at AARHUS UNIVERSITY about the visit to the V-GUIDES. The group expands and discusses the next excursions over light snacks in THE UNIVERSITY PARK. Afterward, they are drawn to the MUSEUM OF ANCIENT ART, where the team undertakes a cultural journey back to the Mediterranean countries in ancient times.

The 2000-year-old GRAUBALLE MAN is as mystical as the time of the Vikings. In the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM, the V-GUIDES experience the abundance of life inhabiting the earth. A detour to the OLE RØMER OBSERVATORY heads the young shooting stars to the real ones. Although the observatory is currently under reconstruction, the V-GUIDES are exceptionally allowed to learn more about the fascinating sight of the lunar landscape through the telescopes. At THE STENO MUSEUM, they further explore the Universe. Here, the team goes on a trail of discovery in the natural sciences, and, among many other things, they test Galileo’s law of gravity, or play with their own mirror image.

In the late afternoon, the friends explore the newest district AARHUS Ø (AARHUS EAST) located in the harbor area. Here, they find a maritime vibe, watersport activities, and, of course, unique architecture. During a stroll through the quarter, they visit the ISBJERGET (ICEBERG) apartment building, the OBSERVATION TOWER ON THE WATERFRONT, THE CULTURE HOUSE DOKK1, and the new NAVITAS SCIENCE AND INNOVATION.

This is how this day ends in THE VADESTEDET district, where the friends conquer the cafés and nightclubs on the river.