Detours lead the V-GIUDES from to ORØ and SKIBBY to LEJRE. Here, at Gammel Lejre, southwest of Roskilde, the explorers find the SHIP-FORMED BURIAL PLACE. There are at least SIX SHIP SETTINGS, and three of these have stones in them. The largest is 83m long, shaped like a ship, and aligned southeast to the northwest. The girls learn more about the Vikings and the time they lived in the LEJRE MUSEUM.

Then it’s on to JYLLINGE into the LAND OF LEGENDS, the huge archaeological open-air museum located in the LEJRE MUNICIPALITY, a few kilometers west of Roskilde. Here, the V-GUIDES find reconstructions of an IRON AGE VILLAGE and SACRIFICIAL BOG (200 BC to 200 AD), a VIKING MARKETPLACE (900 AD), a STONE AGE CAMPSITE (5000 BC), an 18th-century FARMSTEAD, and various GRAVE MONUMENTS.


As with many families in summer, the V-GUIDES also spend some more days in the IRON AGE VILLAGE, the FARM COTTAGES, and the STONE AGE CAMPSITE. Dressed in ORIGINAL PERIOD COSTUMES, they take on the role of inhabiting the reconstructed areas while trying to live by utilizing the TECHNIQUES OF THE PAST. The historical artisan workshops (the pottery, the weaver’s workshop, the smithy) work to reproduce (pre-) historical handicrafts. Gardens, pastures, and fields are natural scenarios of activities and reconstructions.

The way continues through the SKJOLDUNGERNES LAND NATIONAL PARK which was created to preserve the rich natural areas that border ROSKILE FJORD.

The V-GUIDES now reach FJORDLANDET and so the world-famous city of ROSKILDE. No question, it goes straight to THE VIKING SHIP MUSEUM (website). Everyone knows the original Viking vessel from the 11th century, and the reconstructed “THE GLENDALOUGH SEA STALLION“. The girls dress up in eye-catching VIKING-LOOKS and visit the SHIP HALL and the BOATYARD, where they find archaeological work.

In THE JETTY, they get aboard a merchant vessel filled with goods and warship equipment for battle. AT TUNET, they discover the Viking handcrafts such as metalwork, wood carving, or rope making. Of course, they try COIN MINTING, visit the JEWELRY WORKSHOP, and PAINT THEIR OWN SHIELD.

Then it goes into the ROSKILDE HARBOUR from where the classic vessel M/S SAGAFJORD takes the V-GUIDES on a cruise in the wake of the Vikings on ROSKILDE FJORD. Our nature lovers enjoy the scenery of Roskilde Fjord and follow the many TRACES FROM THE PAST.

Along the GARDEN OF ST. HANS – just a walking distance from Roskilde Harbor – the girls discover the OLD TRACTOR WORKSHOP which has been transformed into a café. They see the OLD GREENHOUSE, THE NURSERY (filled with wonderful organic herbs), the small a small shop next to the café, and the OLD CHAPEL where they visit an art exhibition.

The V-GUIDES also discover the BYPARKEN CITY PARK, the green connection between the harbor and the city center.

Then the girls discover the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE, THE ROSKILDE CATHEDRAL. Here, too, they experience a journey through 800 years of dramatic Danish contemporary history, made up of bloody battles, epidemics, high treason, jealousy drama, and conspiracies, but also love. The V-GUIDES meet 40 kings and queens in Denmark’s ROYAL BURIAL CHURCH, they hear the DRAGON SCREECH, dive into DARK CRYPTS, and find peace under the HIGH VAULTS. They also see a model of the TOMBSTONE in which QUEEN MARGRETHE II will be buried. The tombstone was designed by the renowned Danish artist BJØRN NØRGAARD and is exhibited in SANKT BIRGITTE’S CHAPEL.

In THE CATHEDRAL MUSEUM, situated on the first floor above the kings’ graves in the amazing CHAPEL OF CHRISTIAN I, the V-GUIDES discover the hidden jewel of the Roskilde Cathedral, the “GREAT HALL“, one of the best preserved and most distinguished medieval rooms in the country, originally built for meetings of “THE ORDER OF THE ELEPHANT“. The girls dive into the exciting HISTORY OF ROSKILDE from the early Middle Ages until today. Among the most magnificent items, there is a copy of THE GOLDEN DRESS OF QUEEN MARGRETHE I.

In the ROSKILDE MUSEUM in the center of Roskilde City, housed in two of the city’s oldest historic houses – “SUKKERHUSET” and “LIEBES GÅRD“, the V-GUIDES discover a modern and interactive exhibition experience of the dramatic history of the city and the cultural heritage of the region. The adventurous girls travel back in time, more precisely to the 1920s, at LÜTZHØFTS OLD GROCER’S SHOP. Not only the interior reminds the V-GUIDES of that time but also the goods typical of this period are for sale here.

After discovering the medieval SKT. LAURENTIUS CHURCH (ST. LAWRENCE) close to the market square, the girls climb the SAINT LAWRENCE TOWER, which was built about 1500. The explorers learn that when the church was demolished during the Reformation, the tower was spared and became the “town tower”. Of course, after so much history, a visit to the first MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART is a must. Then, the girls discover the marvelous large green FOLKEPARKEN CITY PARK in the heart of Roskilde with small lakes, big green trees, and an amphitheater. They also explore the ROSKILDE CONVENT – (monastery) which was the first noble home for unmarried ladies of rank in Denmark in 1699.

At SCT. JØRGENSBJERG, just a few minutes away from central Roskilde, the V-GUIDES experience a genuine Danish village atmosphere, with narrow streets, neat half-timbered houses, and hollyhocks of all conceivable colors. The girls enjoy the picture postcard idyll set on the hilly ground overlooking Roskilde Fjord. Then, they discover the oldest preserved stone building in Denmark, the SCT. JØRGENSBJERG CHURCH, situated on top of Sct. Jørgensbjerg hill with a lovely view of Roskilde Fjord.

The group heads to THE BOSERUP FOREST, where “the anemones blossom earlier and more beautiful than elsewhere in Denmark” (Gustav Wied 1902). Here it gets action-packed because the V-GUIDES test themselves on THE MIDGARD SERPENT, the balance path made of tree trunks and other natural materials that twists and bends like a worm a good 300 meters through the forest. The first big hunger of the day is satisfied in the RESTAURANT VIGEN. Both from the terrasse and inside, the girls have a great view of Roskilde and the fjord. They enjoy Danish SMØRREBRØD in a modern take.

A historical name then leads the V-GUIDES into the modern age. Because at RAGNAROCK, the Museum for POP, ROCK, AND YOUTH CULTURE, the girls have a “ROCKING MUSEUM EXPERIENCE”. They find the museum located in Roskilde’s ‘Rock City’ – the district Musicon. The girls admire the unique architecture, the exhibitions, and maybe one of the events.




The adventurers stop at the SEA SHELTER AT HVIDE KLINT. Here, they are going on a BOAT TRIP in a kayak or canoe and then, stay overnight in the floating shelter HAVHYTTEN BY HVIDE KLINT for 2 overnighters in Roskilde Fjord.

The journey continues along the JYLLINGE MARINA which is situated in a beautiful part of the Roskilde Fjord rich on isles to ØLSTED and, here, to the ØLSTED SKULPTURPARK where the V-GUIDES can experience sculptures of people, Greek gods, and bronze animals. MISJA lives and works both in Italy and Greece and he has created a sculpture park in his childhood town. Many of the works are for sale and there are smaller sculptures inside the inn at ØLSTED KRO.

The girls visit the ØLSTED CHURCH and the FUGLEHAL FARMSHOP south of FREDERIKSVÆRK close to Roskilde Fjord. They learn more about the work and lambs, veal and beef, pork, broilers, ducks, and geese. Things get sporty in the OLLIESTEDET – ØLSTED SKATEPARK, the coolest open skater ground for active children and youngsters. Here the young talents show the V-GUIDES some tricks.



In FREDERIKSVÆRK the group is headed to the ASSERBO CASTLE RUIN. Once upon a time, there was a castle between the trees in TISVILDE HEGN. Today, the V-GUIDES explore the remaining walls and moat that bear witness to that former magnificent castle, and the surrounding area. Then, the girls visit THE FARM GRØNNEHAVEGAARD in VINDERØD at Frederiksværk, where they are welcomed by three generations. Here, they cuddle 15 different animals and help feed them.

From agriculture, the team is headed to the INDUSTRIMUSEET FREDERIKS VÆRK which deals with the entire historical spectrum of HALSNÆS. The girls learn more about factory and industrial activities during KNUD RASMUSSEN’S life and work in Halsnæs. In THE GUNPOWDER WORKS MUSEUM, the girls see the gunpowder mills which lie like pearls on a string along both sides of the canal that runs through Frederiksværk town. The voyage of discovery continues to the DRONNINGHOLM CASTLE RUIN, whose story begins with VALDEMAR THE GREAT (dead 1182). The explorers learn that the castle was one of the largest in the country but burned down in 1525.


DRONNINGHOLM-SLEEPING OUTSIDE – The shelter site is near the remains of the royal castle ruins Dronningholm and has room for 10 people.

Now, the animal lover want to get really close to the beavers in THE NATIONAL PARK DRONNINGHOLM BOG by ARRESØ. Because here is the brand new freely accessible observation shelter for beavers where the girls have the opportunity to experience the beavers up close. Funny that some of the cute and skillful builders are from Germany. They were released in North Sealand around 2011.

The V-GUIDES want to experience the unspoiled and unique scenery of Denmark’s largest lake. Thus, they start at ARRESØ SIGHTSEEING ONBOARD M/S FREDERIKKE. Then they get the key from the gravedigger or in the rectory to visit the Romanesque KREGME CHURCH with a north-facing tower built in the year 1100. The path continues to the new gothic VINDERØD CHURCH with a view over Arresø and the SARCOPHAGUS OF GENERAL CLASSEN.

Another place of worship awaits the explorers, namely the FREDERIKSVÆRK CHURCH, which is just over 110 years old. In an old farmhouse from 1870 on the corner of Frederiksværkvej and Bishop Absalonsvej leading down to Asserbo castle ruins, the V-GUIDES discover the GALLERI TIBIRKE by LISBETH SONNE. The girls discover TINGGÅRDENS FARMSHOP and the ASSERBO GOLF CLUB where they play golf. In the old GJETHUSET (CULTURE HOUSE) from 1761-1769 the look behind the stages of the theatre, music, and art exhibitions.

In MELBY the V-GUIDES visit the almost 1.000 years old Romanesque/gothic MELBY CHURCH and take a walk through MELBY COMMON & LISELEJE PLANTATION (MELBY OVERDREV) which is the largest heath on Sealand and one of the most distinctive and exciting natural areas in Halsnæs. After watching the plants and insects, it’s time to jump into the water.

It goes to the beautiful seaside resort LISELEJE. Here, right in the center of Liseleje, the V-GUIDES refresh themselves in the cozy COFFEE HOUSE with a beautiful atmosphere and the sound of waves in the background. Very close they find THE YELLOW ICEHOUSE (“Det Gule Ishus”), where the friends enjoy the delicious Hansen Ice Cream, home-baked waffles, soft ice cream, milkshakes, and coffee. Then it goes to one of Denmark’s most beautiful beaches, the LISELEJE BEACH which is located by the Kattegat.



The last destination for today is TISVILDELEJE, where the group visits a special place, HELENE GRAVE. The girls found out about the legend of the devout Swedish girl named Helene. Not only because of the legend, the HELENE SPRING is one of Denmark’s most famous springs but because of another legend that says that anyone whose illness has not responded successfully to other forms of treatment must come to the spring on 23 June, Sankt Hans or Midsummer’s Eve. Following a special ritual, the people will be cured in the next morning.

A good bed story, the girls think after a long day. So, of course, they stop at the HELENEKILDE SEASIDE HOTEL to spend the night. From here the V-GUIDES enjoy the most beautiful view of the KATTEGAT, a cozy, homely environment, and wellness including a MASSAGE and YOGA CLASS.


TISVILDELEJE STRANDHOTEL From the raised terrace, there is a view of the sea and a look at the life of the main street. The locals also come here to enjoy a drink on the terrace or a tasty meal in the restaurant, which is based on local ingredients.

HOLIDAY APARTMENT AT SANKT HELENE – Between one of Denmark’s best beaches and the marvelous wilderness forest in Tisvilde Hegn







CPH SUP TOURS – Tisvildeleje – Stand Up Paddle and mountain bike