I am Greta and am 25 years old. I’m from Rome, Italy. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science & International Relations and recently obtained a Master’s degree in International Relations.

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I’m a very humble person. Besides, I share the same principles as the team of ONE WORLD DISCOVERY.

So, I am not only down to earth and a sensitive person by myself. But, I stand up for and take care of human rights. I do so, especially when it is about women and children.



I’m a sunny and enterprising person. Honestly, I can’t spend just one day at home. Thus, I always need to find something new to do.

Furthermore, I love to try out new things. I love being active and doing a thousand things a day. That gives me a lot of energy and fun.

V-GUIDE Greta in an urban outfit
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V-GUIDE Greta in a white dress

But sometimes, I need to relax, and nature is the place to find new sources for the rest of the day. I can’t live without, because I feel a connection with it.
And that’s why I spend a lot of time in parks, just enjoying the sound of the trees, leaves, bees, and birds, and also the people around me. When I am outdoors, all of the problems I have go away.
I like traveling as well. I enjoy speaking different languages to people from all over the world. I speak fluently French, Spanish, English and at the moment I’m studying Arabic.


I adore animals, and I have two beautiful dogs. I can’t live without them.
Of course, as an Italian, another essential thing for me is fashion. I am passionate about it. I work as a model, and I love it.

Besides, another thing that I love to do is to act. I have been acting classes since I was 13 years old. Thus, with the ONE WORLD DISCOVERY, a dream comes true. Here, I can show my true talent. Now, I can work as a model, presenter, and actress.


My dream place is Africa. For the first time, I went there when I was 14 years old. I fell in love with Africa’s nature. I’m in love with the colors, culture, and, more importantly, the people who live there.  They are so kind and beautiful. All the time they smiled. I really loved them.
When I was back in Italy, I was very nostalgic and very sad that I came back home. I missed the time that I spent in Africa with all those lovely people. Because of my love for Africa, I even got a tattoo of the continent on my shoulder.
I would like to create safe places for children in Kenia and other parts of Africa. As I studied international and African Human Rights, I know that people’s, especially women’s and children’s rights are violated. And my dream is to help all the people in need.

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I’m a determined person. Therefore, I achieve everything I want. Nothing can stop me from doing that. I am an altruist and a very kind person. I love helping people and talking with them. In my opinion, we don’t need to be selfish.
Furthermore, I believe in karma, and I think that our actions define our life. So, the better your attitude to people and other beings, the better you will be treated.
I’m sure, that it’s important to have a positive mindset, especially for me. In the past, I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. That’s why I decided to find out how I can manage my thought. And changing my mindset helped me to overcome my problems.


The first person, who comes into my mind, I would like to meet in person is Michael Jackson. He’s my favorite singer ever. He’s the godfather of pop music. I also love his personality, all of his songs and albums. Everything around him is simply great!

The second person I would like to meet is Zac Efron. He was my first love. I saw him for the first time in High School Musical when I was 8 years old and fell in love. It was my favorite movie.

Thank you, Greta, for that interesting introduction!

V-GUIDE Greta Portait
V-GUIDE Greta Portait
V-GUIDE Greta Portait


  • Height – 170 cm / 5″7
  • Bust – 77 cm / 30
  • Waist – 63 cm / 25
  • Hips – 91 cm / 35
  • Size – 36
  • Jeans – 27/34
  • Shoes – 39
  • Eyes – Brown
  • Hair – Brown
  • Cup – 75 A


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