With the VALEUR MAGAZINE, we have covered the areas of lifestyle, fashion, beauty, entertainment, etc. for over 13 years. During this time, we have produced countless photo shootings. In addition, we have also been involved in events and show productions, e.g. for Fashion Weeks. With the Underground Catwalk – a fashion show in a running metro train – we gained international acclaim. In 2007, the event was headlined “Berlin is so cool” the next day on the front page of the New York Times, USA.

Therefore, we look back on many years of experience, more than 40 magazine issues with an average of 500 pages. It also always meant that we were able to find the best solutions for everyone involved in an efficient way. For this reason, we keep our concepts open and invite you to actively express wishes and ideas, true to the motto: together instead of for each other. Everything is customizable!



The OWD is a new project, but we don’t start the ONE WORLD DISCOVERY at Point Zero!

  • The OWD builds on the VALEUR network that meanwhile exists for 13 years.
  • The access numbers averaged 400K during these years.
  • The most successful issues reached 2 million people internationally. The contents of these editions will also be reflected in the OWD.
  • With the start of the Discovery, new channels will be activated (already registered)
  • They include all relevant social networks as well as theme platforms (photo, video, lifestyle, travel, nutrition, active, and sports…).
  • Podcasts will also play a role (also topic-related).
  • The new main page will increase the usability focused on the film & cross-media-mix.
  • Everything will be available only under the name of the series: ONE WORLD DISCOVERY.


As the name “social” describes it, it’s essential to establish faces that embody the series core and are, therefore, identification figures. Hence, the existing profiles of the V-GUIDES – which have a total of around 300 K followers a.t.m. – are supplemented by OWD character profiles.

  • The V-GUIDES are also “model types” (even if we do not use this wording otherwise!).
  • Therefore, they cover topics such as fashion, lifestyle, wellness, beauty, sport, food, etc.
  • They are multipliers on social media…
  • … and in terms of content sharing with media partners (see point content sharing)

Which of the personalities (V-GUIDES) will become active depends on the start date. What distinguishes the V-GUIDES is that they are very pretty and social media affine, but also very profound and committed personalities who are interested in history, culture, traditions, and other values of our world.

In this way, they will – that is the goal – also act as a role model on social media.



Daily quality content with added value is an important teaser and networking tool. Placed on many platforms at the same time it increases reach continuously.
Diaries include (excerpt):

  • Morning: Recap + Previews (What will happen today?)
  • Day: Reports, Stories, Talks, Featurettes (BTS, Making of…), Funny Scenes, Tutorials…
  • Evening: Try Ons, Beauty, Fashion…, Event & Reviews, Cliffhanger (What comes next…)


In addition, regular rubrics that follow a broadcast schedule strengthen the relationship with different target groups, as described in the concepts.

  • These rubrics include van-life, nutrition, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, etc.
  • The themes will be introduced, and communication will be initiated with the activation of the new pages and profiles as part of a two-week introductory phase before the launch.
  • For this, we prepare a new start-story in Berlin (see examples)


Because of the multipliers (see the point above), we are dealing with many topics and, therefore, potential media partners.

  • from the print, and online sectors (TV optional).
  • it also includes reports on travel platforms but is not limited to the tourism sector*.
  • We currently have over 500 international media contacts listed and are continuously expanding this list.

* At this point, we are not working on the additional order of these media but are offering them our footage!


Travel ∙ Van Life ∙ Fashion ∙ Diversity ∙ Social ∙ Nature ∙ Outdoor ∙ Sports ∙ Health ∙ Beauty ∙ Wellness ∙ Lingerie ∙ Beachwear ∙ Lifestyle ∙ Nutrition ∙ E-Sports/Gaming ∙ Events ∙ Technology ∙ Music & Film ∙ Photo & Video ∙ Celeb-Talks



  • Over 800 international top brands from all areas (Guess, KIA, Louis Vuitton, Philips…)
  • Around 50 Organizations (business, social, environmental…)
  • All international mayor film studios/distributors and music labels (see celebrity options)

Please check the MEDIA CENTER on our website for all references.

VALEUR Covers - Media Internships Berlin


  • Hotels: Grand Hyatt, The Weinmeister, Ellington, Schloss Hotel Ziethen, KPM-Hotel
  • Restaurants/Bars: VOX Restaurant & Bar, Solar Restaurant, Zick Zack Jazz Club, Duke Restaurant, Dong A, Home Meal Deal
  • Event: Friedrichstadt-Palast, The Blue Man Group (Stage Entertainment GmbH), Hurrican Factory
  • Locations: Airport Tempelhof, Classic Remise, Panorama Point, Berlin Zoo, Suite. 030,
  • Museen: Technikmuseum, DDR-Museum, Bode-Museum, Filmmuseum, KPM-Manufacture
  • Artists: Peter Del Vecho (Oscar-winner: Frozen), Charlotte Lawrence (int. musician), Catherine Lupis Thomas (visual artist), Henning Wehland (The Voice Kids, Söhne Mannheims, H-Blockx)

On our website, we have summarized all the stages and partners of our first trip through Berlin: FILM PARTNERS PART 1 and PART 2.

IMPORTANT: These reports were produced at the end of 2019 and published until March 2020 as part of the VALEUR MAGAZINE. Two weeks after the last publication Corona hit us all!

The film documentaries represent the foundation, the origin of the ONE WORLD DISCOVERY because during that test-production we gained experience and developed the format “7 Weeks…” and “7 Days…”. However, they are not an official part of the OWD, as this will be visualized and presented in a completely different way as described in the concept.


Team Astralis in Action at the Blast Pro Series in Copenhagen 2018

E.g. in Denmark, we plan to present the E-SPORTS Team of ASTRALIS as “Modern Vikings” to learn more about their sport, training, and competitions in their places and in their favorite locations (café, bar, restaurant, club, walking through the city…).

Jack & Jones is a sponsor of ASTRALIS. Therefore, through their shirts, we build a bridge to Fashion and Lifestyle, visiting J&J to talk with them about the support of the team and the company in general, incl. funny shooting with the V-GUIDES who also try on some male pieces of the brand.

The girls follow the team to a competition venue. So, they introduce, for example, the Royal Arena Copenhagen (report about the venue, the events there, etc.). We already presented a huge magazine report in 2018: ASTRALIS IN THE ROYAL ARENA.

Starting with a story about the Vikings, we present up to 5 themes in one very entertaining and informative story: e-sports, fashion, city, culture, and history.

So, we also activate the yet underestimated target group from Twitch! Appropriately stories are possible for all partners and respective platforms, breaking the target and age group limitations.


We are in close touch with the major film studios (agencies) and music labels. Therefore, in each country, the V-GUIDES also meet top celebrities – similar story options as mentioned above. On the one hand, these meetings are a great platform for highly exclusive product placements. On the other hand, of course, these entertaining talks ensure and increase traffic on all platforms.