VALEUR MAGAZINE Special India Cover


With the VALEUR SPECIAL INDIA, a new name was established within the international media. Since then, the goal is to present values of our everyday life in combination with brilliant fashion and lifestyle trends.

However, the target isn’t to present bad news or to criticize things. On the contrary, the aim is to show authentic solutions and ways to enjoy the own life while making the world a better place. Already the VALEUR SPECIAL INDIA appealed to the responsibility and awareness of each reader.

The VALEUR SPECIAL INDIA started with an impressive woman, who inspired the crew because of her heart, soul and courage. Christiane Gey, a German jewelry designer, living in Spain, lost her heart in India, when she met a young boy, who lived on the street. He told his story and a short time later, Christiane Gey began to establish a child asylum in Jaipur, giving 20 girls a home within one year. She showed impressively, that one woman can change the world.


The VALEUR team recognized, that it is very easy to produce a party in a town like Berlin, but that it is very difficult to support an authentic and honorable project like Child’s Rights. Many people want to do something good, but they “have no time”. Others, don’t know the backgrounds and reasons for the problems and others cannot see a relation, but all of them love fashion, accessories, art, entertainment and much more. We have started to combine these things to arouse the attention of readers for social, ecological and other global issues, which affect our everyday life. So, VALEUR was born to entertain and to beware traditional values, which are important for all of us, at the same time. © Please find all credits in the magazine.

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