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In keeping with the hot summer, we proudly present a very hot VALEUR MAGAZINE ISSUE 26. We have intensively searched for the best summer trends, and we have found them in Colombia, Brazil, California, and other amazing places.

But, it is not only an exciting fashion journey through the world. Moreover, the issue shows the power of a true team spirit and a smart business behavior. The issue deals with brands and people that stand out of the crowd. Courageous innovators and creative minds, people who look behind the horizon and take care to maintan traditional values.

The new issue pays tribute to the pioneer of surfing, Jack O’Neill. Unfortunately, the godfather of water sports passed away this summer, but his spirit will live on. Read more about his history and achievements.

VALEUR 26 presents Agua Bendita’s wonderful beachwear, hand-crafted in Colombia with heart and soul as well as created with respect to traditional values. Find out more about the unique amazing summer collections and the creative family that makes them so special.

Furthermore, VALEUR MAGAZINE ISSUE 26 shows the wonderful collection of Rio de Sol. Made in Brazil, it conveys a true Samba feeling. VALEUR MAGAZINE ISSUE 26 felt also in love with the stunning pieces from Accessorize that let your heart beats faster.

However, all of them have one thing in common. Behind beautiful products courageous teams are active who understand that their artisans are the key to uniqueness. You can see and feel that special spirit. No matter whether we speak about gorgeous beachwear or accessories, these collections will enthuse you instantly.

So, come with us to a joyride through the world. Be inspired, enthused and enjoy the summer 2017 with the VALEUR MAGAZINE ISSUE 26.


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