7 Days in Berlin - Day One - How Strangers Become Friends Cover


Day One of our “7 Days in Berlin” discovery shows how we meet up. Then, we start exploring the city at the Potsdamer Platz. We have a great view from the Panoramapunkt. Later we meet the guys of the Blue Man Group. Finally, we enjoy a great day in the Grand Hyatt and its Vox Restaurant and the Vox Bar. Day One ends with relaxing moments in the Olympic Spa.

So, let us guide you through the unknown sides of the multifaceted and beautiful Berlin and all the surprises that this area holds.


We, the VALEUR GUIDES, are a group of friends who discover many different places under the motto: ONE WORLD. A goal is to meet people with exciting stories to tell.

Thereby, we will discover new places for 7 days each. From there, we will present seven intensive, emotional, and entertaining video episodes about people with exciting stories to tell. Furthermore, we will deal with their place’s culture, traditions, history, lifestyle, art, leisure activities, and, thus, many values.

Additionally, we will present further stories and facts in supplementing issues of the VALEUR MAGAZINE.

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