Learn more about the VALEUR MAGAZINE history and find out, how people with experiences in the fashion industry, the media business as well as in organizations, which take care of social and environmental issues came together to free the powerful, world-changing spirit of the Internet.


VALEUR MAGAZINE Issue no 30 - Karl Lagerfeld, Everyday Heroines and Power Women

The VALEUR Issue 30 presents a homage to the master mind Karl Lagerfeld. Furthermore, it continues the introduction of Heroines of the everyda life.
Photo: Stéphane Feugere

Emy Kane, an Everday Heroine and one of the faces of the Lonely Whale Foundation

The X-mas VALEUR Issue 29 is a trip from the snowy Santa Claus’s Village to the deep sea. Thereby, it deals with emotional stories of “Everyday Heroines” as well as with the huge plastic pollution on earth.

2018 (EXERPT)

VALEUR MAGAZINE Issue 27 Cover small

VALEUR MAGAZINE Issue 27 is an amazing lingerie special. It presents history and future of underwear as well as the importance to choose the right one.
Photo: Anne Bra


VALEUR MAGAZINE Issue 26 deals with the hot summer and exciting beachwear styles from all over the world. Of course, besides, the issue presents culture, history as well as social commitment of spirited people. Photo: Agua Bendita


VALEUR Cover No 25 - The OSCARS - Academy Awards Special Edition 2017, Photo: Hailee Steinfeld for Ralph & Russo

The VALEUR Oscars Special Edition 2017. On more than 350 pages, it presents the glamour, stars, and fashion, but also the emotional moments of the Academy Awards® 2017.
Photo: Hailee Steinfeld for Ralph & Russo

Cover VALEUR MAGAZINE 24 - More Than 50 Shades of Grey to Color Up Your Life, Foto: Sessún

VALEUR No. 24 deals with fashion and lifestyle trends, which color up your life. Besides, it presents the best music acts and albums 2017, such as JAIN, and London Grammar.


VALEUR Cover No 23 - Rendezvous Berlin - Summer-End City Trends, Cover: Haze & Glory

VALEUR No. 23 invited to a rendezvous in Berlin, Germany. The online magazine issue showed some VALEUR MODELS on their fashion & lifestyle journey through the German capitol. Cover: Haze & Glory

VALEUR MAGAZINE Star Wars The Force Awakens Special Edition Cover © TM & LUCASFILM LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

After embarrassing sequels between 1999 and 2005, the eagerly awaited continuing of the Star Wars Saga “The Force Awakens” led the audience back to the roots. VALEUR dedicated a special edition to the greatest movie saga ever.

VALEUR Cover No 21 - The Spirit of a Modern Christmas

From the origin of Santa Claus’ red coat to the heritage of the most popular presents, the VALEUR online magazine No 21 looked back to the history of Christmas traditions.
Cover: UGG Australia, Caroline Murphy

VALEUR Magazine 20 - A Quest for the Garden of Eden, Photo: Marco Kokkot

VALEUR issue 20 questioned whether there is a Garden of Eden on earth. The online magazine shows some very beautiful places, including Malaga, Spain.
Cover: Marco Kokkot for vente-privee.com

VALEUR Cover No 18 - One Love, One Vision, Cover: GUESS

One Love, One Vision! A trip along the Berlin Wall. From Bob Marley to House of Marley, from David Bowie to the best X-mas presents… The best mix of enjoyable profound information. Cover: GUESS


Fashion Week Special 2015. All about the fashion metropolis Berlin, young and established designers as well as the controverse regarding our buying behavor. Cover: by Dimitri, Getty Images

2014 - 2013


VALEUR Cover No 17 – Love, Lust & Passion – A great and eye-catching lingerie special. Cover: Bar Refaeli for Passionata, Photo: Greg Kadel

VALEUR Cover No 16 - Create One World, A Social Media of the modern kind

VALEUR No 16 invited young underprivileged people to show us all their individual world. It was a start of a future project, which is still running.

VALEUR Cover No 15 - Stepping Free Of The Snags in the System

With the online magazine issue 15 VALEUR reached 2.000.000 international readers. Read more in the magazine and below.

VALEUR Cover No 14 - Lest We Forget, the Reeva Steenkamp and Bangladesh issue

Lest We Forget showed a homage to Reeva Steenkamp. Furthermore, on 60 pages it brings the production situation in Bangladesh to our place. Close your eyes, or read more…

2012 - 2010

Modern & Responsibility, Photo: Marco Kokkot

VALEUR Cover No 13 – Modern & Responsibility, Photo: Marco Kokkot


With Love, Fun & Energy, Photo: Mayers.Peace Collection



VALEUR MAGAZINE issue 10 cover - History

VALEUR Cover No 10 – One World – A Very Special Summer Lifestyle World Journey

VALEUR MAGAZINE Issue 9 Cover Casual Special - Photo: MADALINA GHENEA for DEHA

The Casual Special, Photo: MADALINA GHENEA for DEHA

VALEUR Cover No 8 - Forever Young & Valuable Fashion

Forever Young & Valuable Fashion

VALEUR Cover No 7 - With People instead for people. A very Special Documentation about the Social Business

With People instead for people. A very Special Documentation about the Social Business

VALEUR History Cover Denmark Special

A fashion journey through the beautiful country

2010 - 2009

VALEUR History Cover No 6 - Value For Money - Model: Vanessa Hessler for Airfield

Value For Money – Model: Vanessa Hessler for Airfield

VALEUR Issue 1 - Special India Cover

VALEUR’s History Cover Special India – The 1st real VALEUR Issue