This day is dedicated to two 30th anniversaries: The Fall of the Berlin Wall and 30 years of H-Blockx, and thus, an impressive career of Henning Wehland. We talk with him about his new solo album: “Gesetz der Toleranz” and the first one: “Der Letzte an der Bar”.

Furthermore, he talks about his potential future career as mayor, and, of course, crossover, festivals, his big love, and much more.

Moreover, we enjoy watching 80.000 cranes in pure nature as well as the stay in a true fairytale castle.

7 Days in Berlin - Day Five - Feel The Freedom

So, follow us and feel the freedom of Berlin. Btw: As you can see, we tried different cameras during the shoots to find the best option. Therefore, we will present the huge Camera Review 2020. So, stay tuned to find out which is the best consumer camera on the market right now.


We, the VALEUR GUIDES, are a group of friends who discover many different places under the motto: ONE WORLD. A goal is to meet people with exciting stories to tell.

Thereby, we will discover new places for 7 days each. From there, we will present seven intensive, emotional, and entertaining video episodes about people with exciting stories to tell. Furthermore, we will deal with their place’s culture, traditions, history, lifestyle, art, leisure activities, and, thus, many values.

Additionally, we will present more stories and facts in supplementing issues of the VALEUR MAGAZINE.

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