VALEUR Cover Issue 36 - Feel the Freedom II


Our exciting trip through Berlin continues. Follow us, the V-GUIDES, through the city. If you think, history is boring, then let yourself convinced of the contrary. After we have left the beautiful Ziethen Palace, our way leads us to the former Berlin Wall.

Here, we dive deeper into the emotional time of Berlin’s division. We feel the special character of the city on every corner.

Moreover, our exciting trip through the DDR Museum will surely entertain you totally. Also, our dinner and stay in the Ellington Hotel aren’t just nice but instructive. So, we learn more about Jazz and other things here.


We, the VALEUR GUIDES, are a group of friends who discover many different places under the motto: ONE WORLD. A goal is to meet people with exciting stories to tell.

Thereby, we will discover new places for 7 days each. From there, we will present seven intensive, emotional, and entertaining video episodes about people with exciting stories to tell. Furthermore, we will deal with their place’s culture, traditions, history, lifestyle, art, leisure activities, and, thus, many values.

Additionally, we will present stories and facts in supplementing issues of the VALEUR MAGAZINE.

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